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Results for Clients

I am proud of the results I have achieved for my clients over the years. I want to give you an example of the types of cases I’ve handled and the results. (All names have been changed to protect privacy). Please keep in mind that these representative cases are provided for the general education of visitors to this Web Site and are not meant to substitute for consulting an attorney.

Also, every case is different. Even if your situation sounds like one of these, you must not assume that your case will have a similar outcome. Only an experienced personal injury attorney can determine how the law and the specific circumstances of your injury may affect your case.

Soft tissue injury from a car accident

Alice is a wife and a mother who held down two jobs—until her car accident. After the crash, she was unable to work because of “soft tissue injuries.”

Technically, a soft tissue injury is an injury that doesn’t involve the breaking of a bone. Incorrectly, the insurance industry takes the position that all soft tissue injuries will heal — and that all victims of soft tissue injuries will get better, usually in six to nine months. Unfortunately, there are some people, like Alice, who have soft tissue injuries and never get better. It’s my job to make sure they get the settlement money they deserve.

If Alice’s case had been tried in front of a jury, the trial would have taken place in a county that I know tends to award only small amounts to injury victims. I convinced the insurance adjuster to try this case in front of a private judge outside of the court system. Because of my efforts, Alice was awarded $250,000 — an enormous award for this type of case.

Rating by Alice: 5.0 stars

A mentally handicapped woman hurt in a car accident

Jane, an adult who suffers from schizophrenia and receives Social Security benefits for her mental disability, was a passenger in her father’s car when he made a left turn in front of on-coming traffic. Jane was thrown from the car and suffered severe injuries. I was able to negotiate a six-figure settlement. And that’s only part of the story. I also knew that I needed to make sure that this large settlement wouldn’t disqualify Jane from continuing to receive Social Security Disability benefits.

I hired a specialist who helped us structure her settlement so that she was able to keep her settlement money and continue to receive Social Security benefits. As a result, Jane will now be financially secure for the rest of her life.

Rating by Jane: 5.0 stars

A large settlement for depression and chronic pain

Tanya’s physical injuries from a car accident caused constant and debilitating pain. On top of that, she endured severe, disabling depression while trying to cope with the pain.

I referred Tanya to a psychiatrist, helped make sure she kept her appointments (which can be difficult with patients who are depressed), and made certain that she received medication to help combat her depression.

I settled with the other driver’s insurance company for the maximum amount of the policy and then took it further, persuading Tanya’s underinsured motorist insurer to award a substantial amount of additional money. As a courtesy, I still monitor Tanya’s progress with her psychiatrist: even after a case is closed, I often continue my relationship with a client to look out for his or her best interests.

Rating by Tanya: 5.0 stars

An uninsured motorist case affected by a recent change in the law

James was driving his employer’s car when he was hurt in an accident with an uninsured driver. James hired a lawyer but soon became dissatisfied him—he couldn’t answer a lot of James’ questions and didn’t seem to care about James’ case.

Although his first lawyer was unaware of it, I knew that a recent change in the law allowed James to make a claim directly against his employer’s insurance carrier. Ultimately, I settled the case for a substantial, six-figure amount.

Rating by James: 5.0 stars

Slip and fall on an icy sidewalk

Andrew slipped and fell on an icy sidewalk, suffering severe neck injuries that required surgery. Andrew’s first lawyer was bewildered about how to handle this complex case but fortunately for Andrew, the lawyer referred the case to me just before the statute of limitation was about to run, which would have prevented Andrew from ever filing his lawsuit.

Slip and fall cases are notoriously difficult to win because people tend to assume that the injured person was being careless. Cases involving ice and snow are even more difficult because Pennsylvania does not require property to keep their sidewalks free of ice and snow so there’s even greater chance of finding the injured person at fault.

However, after making sure to get the suit filed on time and undoing two years of the other lawyer’s mistakes, I was able to convince the property owner’s insurance company of two things: that Andrew was not at fault and that he was permanently injured. The insurance company settled for a large sum, structured to be paid out over time, so that Andrew will receive tax-free monthly income for the rest of his life.

Rating by Andrew: 5.0 stars

A serious brain injury

Mark was a passenger in his father’s car when he ran a red light and was hit by a SEPTA bus. Mark was hurt, but most importantly, and unknown to Mark — he had also sustained an injury to his brain.

As is frequently the case with neuropsychological injuries, the effects were subtle. But because of my extensive experience, I recognized Mark’s problem and immediately sent him for specialized testing, which confirmed that Mark was suffering from a serious brain injury. I then referred him to the Drucker Brain Injury Center at Moss Rehabilitation Hospital where he received the specialized treatment he needed. We settled for a substantial sum that has enabled Mark to get a new start in life and be self-sufficient.

Rating by Mark: 5.0 stars

A Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) injury

Many accident lawyers would have treated Celeste’s case as a simple “whiplash” case. But I suggested that Celeste consult with a specialist who confirmed that this was not basic whiplash but instead was TMJ; she eventually had surgery that corrected the problem. Because she hired me, not only did Celeste get the proper medical attention, but she also received a six-figure settlement.

However, Celeste continues to have difficulties with her workers’ compensation and disability insurance companies over benefits. Even though her case is “over” I’m still there for her—working on her behalf at no additional fee–as it’s my philosophy that the fee I receive from the personal injury portion of the claim entitles clients to representation for other problems that arise even after settlement.

Rating by Celeste: 5.0 stars

A “dram shop” case

“Dram shop” cases involve bars that continue serving alcohol to people who are visibly intoxicated and who then go out and cause an injury. Under Pennsylvania law, a bar can be held legally responsible for those injuries.

In this wrongful death case, which another lawyer referred to me because of my expertise, Megan had been visibly drunk, yet the bar continued to serve her. After Megan left, she got into her car, and crashed into a telephone pole causing her instant death. I sued the bar on behalf of Megan’s children and won.

Because of the settlement, Megan’s children will now receive a generous income for the rest of their lives. (As a matter of interest, shortly after this case settled, the bar in question bought a bus to transport inebriated patrons home.)

Rating by Megan: 5.0 stars

Another “dram shop” case

Anne was a passenger in her boyfriend’s car when they were involved in an accident. The boyfriend was drunk at the time. Anne called me immediately (at 3:00 a.m.), and we discussed what had happened while it was fresh in her mind. Through extensive investigation, and because I was available 24 hours a day to discuss the case, I was able to prove that the bar had served Anne’s boyfriend while he was visibly intoxicated and Anne received a substantial settlement.

Rating by Anne: 5.0 stars

Product Liability Case Studies

A product liability case

John was a warehouse employee whose foot was crushed by a forklift that was backing up. He had several surgeries to remove parts of his foot, and he can no longer work because of the pain.

I filed suit against the forklift manufacturer for its failure to install a back-up beeper on the forklift. To develop my case I had to sort through cartons of documents from the forklift manufacturer. That was not enough for me though. I have a large network of other lawyers, databases, and research, so I also reviewed boxes of documents from lawyers around the country who had litigated similar cases against this and other forklift manufacturers. (I knew it would be no problem for me to take on a large national company as a defendant.) My expertise and determination resulted in a win for John and a large enough settlement for him to retire in Florida.

Rating by John: 5.0 stars

A product liability trial

Peter, a carpenter, severely cut his arm with a power miter saw. Although often settlement is the best course of action, I determined that in this case, there was the opportunity for a much larger recovery if we went to trial against the manufacturer. It was not easy to prove, but I wanted to show that the saw Peter used was not as safe as competitor’s models. To make the point, during trial I actually cut wood using Peter’s actual saw and a competitor’s model. We won.

Rating by Peter: 5.0 stars

Bugs found in food

Barbara came to me because she had bought Ritz crackers that tasted like soap. A close inspection of the crackers revealed an extra ingredient — bugs.

I sent the package to a laboratory for analysis, and sure enough, the lab found that there were bugs in the crackers. Understandably, Barbara suffered an intense emotional reaction, requiring psychological treatment and actually had to drop out of college for a semester because of nightmares.

Even though Barbara had no physical injuries, I convinced the arbitration panel that her suffering was legitimate, and they awarded even more money than we had expected.

Rating by Barbara: 5.0 stars